Shige E-Book

After printing and selling 5000 copies of the first ever monograph on the legendary Japanese tattoo artist, Shige, we have finally made the PDF available as a download! 320 pages chronicling the life and work of Shige, this is a must have for Japanese tattoo enthusiasts and tattoo artists. In full vibrant color.

****Please note when attempting to download the file on an iPad or other tablet. When your iPad hibernates (the screen turns off), it automatically disconnects from the wifi network momentarily to save battery. The same thing happens if you close a tab, or navigate away from an app into another app (for the internet connectivity to the previous tab or app). Each of these things interrupts the download, which causes the user to have problems downloading. Please make sure you have a good internet connection, uninterrupted download and the proper app to read a PDF on your tablet. Thank you.****

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